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Lifelong artist, and veteran creative professional from Dallas – I worked over 15 years in design & marketing roles, gaining experience across multiple tools and disciplines. Proud to have had opportunity to work for some prestigious brands & agencies, creating visual communications for a variety of industries. Since 2011 my primary focus has been 3D. I am an accomplished modeler specializing in environments and props for games, and also have experience with 3D visualization, motion/animation, VFX, and more. I jump at the opportunity to create concept art, or take part in the ideation process, whether developing story/narrative, characters, game worlds & especially level design challenges.
[hence the alias ‘Level Head3D’]

I tend to stay pretty busy either working hard, or building new skills. When I do get time off I dig anything related to art, music, and of course – gaming. But often prioritize my free time for the good stuff: spending time with folks I love, personal dev, cycling, or planning my next trip or outdoor adventures. Thanks for visiting, don’t be a stranger! :]

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