3D: Modeling from splines, planes, primitives, and more; Low poly for mobile; Mid for VR; hard surface; retopology and optimization [3dsMax, zBrush]

3D: High poly and/or organic sculpting, edge damaging, retopology, and concepts [zBrush]

3D: UV coordinate layouts [3dsMax, Headus, Roadkill, Maya, 3D Coat]; Understanding of atlas maps/texture packing things rendered together, and relationship between UV seams and draw calls, as well as groups[3dsMax] and edges[Maya] to normal map bakes/lighting.

PBR: Creating materials, patterns, alphas, geometry, UI elements [+?] in Substance Designer

Textures: Photo-realistic, cartoon or stylized, and anywhere in-between [Substance tools, Photoshop, +more]

3D: Lighting scenes and worlds, daylight systems, and use of IES profiles [3dsMax, V-Ray, Unity, Unreal]

3D: Rendering with both traditional and real time tools [Keyshot, Toolbag, V-Ray, +more]

2D: Concept art, illustration, logo/icon/signage/package design, tile sets, UI art and design elements

2D: Animation of sprite FX, logos, shaders and materials, light gels, UI elements, and more.
3D: Animation of props, parts, and sometimes NPCs.

Level Design: Planning of missions and challenges, drawing out top downs, rough block outs in-engine, and use of world building tools; basic scripting ability for minor game mechanics, props, and AI of NPCs [Unity / Unreal]

Audio recording, production, editing, Live sound / mixing, and SFX creation.

The work I did for years all ties into interactive!

Graphic Design

10+ years designing for print and digital outputs - postcards/flyers, multi-page layouts, album art, large format (wraps/banners/signage), logo designs and more. This makes me a better texture artist because games often contain signs, packages, labels, fake logos/companies, even digital UI screens on display screens players interact with in-game to control computers, or equipment, doors, etc.


Shot products and people, and did high volume editing and retouching work. 1000's of hours in Photoshop = faster than most, and a lot of neat tricks up my sleeve. Knowledge of PHOTO = understanding science/behavior of light and how it affects surfaces, which is applicable to PBR material creation, setting up virtual cameras and lighting, even scanning 3D data [photogrammetry] for textures.

Digital Artistry

Drawing and painting, creation of UI elements, data visualization, iconography, motion graphics and keyframing animation; All of these are things I have done for clients in the past. I am always learning new software and continuing my art studies to keep skills and mind sharp, and remain competitive in my chosen industry. Always maintaining focus on what makes good art, so I can level-up every thing I am enlisted to create to its maximum potential.

Additional skills & disciplines


Meticulous about time management, prioritization of tasks, and file handling/iteration. Customized UI's and hot keys, and archival/use of files, brushes, and other templates and presets help me to produce as expediently as possible.


Well spoken, and a good listener. Mindful of respect for others, and how I would want to be spoken to. Never hesitate to ask questions if I need clarification. Fully appreciate the value of wording precisely, let's get things right the first time!


Quick to establish rapport, and get along with all types of people. Love a good joke, but respectful of boundaries & when it's time to be serious. Power of positivity rules! I don't complain a lot, pass blame, or talk about people in a petty way.