Sci-fi Sidearm

Weapons Modeling

My rendition of a futuristic weapon design by Błażej Kaczmarek [final image = his original concept]; Stayed true to his design, but had fun getting creative with some of the smaller details. Modeled in 3ds Max, tad bit of Zbrush on the HP, then textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop. Mesh density is 7k Triangles *(and I would certainly go back to retopologize and lower it, if this wasn't a personal project.

THOUGHTS: was doing the top piece of the scope blue like orig sketch, but chose the dark top because I felt like it seemed more like an aftermarket addition [than if it was all matching]. Intentionally made the shiny part undamaged, to look like it was some special metallic element that we humans in this time are unaware of, that is impervious to scratches or dirt.