Prop Modeling

A compass I designed for 'Seas of Fortune', a 17th century naval sim I am working on with Trym Studios [UK]. It also got rendered as 2D parts (orthographic), and appears in the bottom corner of the UI when navigating the ship. But because it is also an inventory item, and may be held by players in first person, it still had to look pretty good close up.

WORKFLOW: Created the compass rose [inner part with points and info] in Adobe Illustrator and edited in Photoshop to break it up a bit by adding fading spots from age/wear, plus some dirt and stains. Created the base brass material in Substance Designer, and the rest of the texturing was done in Substance Painter. Total count 2034 tris, 1189 verts.

THOUGHTS / PROCESS / STORY: from my reference sheet you can see which sources different inspiration came from for the detailing and ornamental design work. There is a small drip of wine on the compass rose that someone smudged when trying to wipe it, and black smudges on the brass where oily human hands have touched this thing thousands of times.