About J.


I am a versatile CG artist and designer with a primary focus in environment art for games. I worked in a variety of design, marketing, and production roles for over 10 years. Finally found my calling in game dev where my analytical side gets challenged by technical hurdles often, while my artistic side is inspired daily, and those skills always maturing.


Too many hobbies and interests to list, but obviously GAMES / VR + the ART and science of making them; riding bicycles, traveling, and enjoying the finer things in life with friends.

I love Japanese history, arts, culture, food, traditions, etc. I get to visit many awesome places and people across Japan every time I go there, and have friends in the local Japanese community in Dallas/Austin also. Hai, Nihongo mo hanasemasu. chillin in nihon


A good deal of my 'off' time is devoted to improvement of self, and skills. Constantly learning new tools and techniques, or honing existing skills to improve in all things ART. . . Always looking forwards at the next mountain I intend to climb tomorrow, while trying to be the best I can be today. Always keepin' tha tools sharp!


Architecture, interiors, fashion, products and packaging, branding, the list goes on.

Future TECH intrigues me.
Science, space, AI, quantum computing, renewable resources; I look to the future with high hopes, and my mind wide open.
MUSIC and AUDIO have always been part of my life.
Since a young age I played instruments and was in bands [piano, sax, guitar, vocals, bass, drums, percussion]; experienced since age 17 with recording, production, and live sound. Earned a B-level certification in pro audio, was a DJ in Dallas for over a decade, and I still enjoy synths, sampling, creating SFX, and am getting more into composing music for film and games.

Well, now you know me pretty well. Let's connect on social networks, so I can know you too. 'Hamburger' menu at the top of the page > take your pick.

Thanks for stopping by. . . Peace and blessings!